Disney Nemo & Dory Cake

Disney Nemo & Dory Cake

A small square sponge cake, decorated with edible photos of Disney Nemo & Dory on top of and all around the cake. This is a very time consuming cake to make, so the price reflects it accordingly.


Nemo & Dory characters made of sugar fondant are excluded from the price above and cost £25 each if necessary.


Customers get a choice of either:

1) An 8 inch super light Vanilla Sponge cake with Strawberry jam (or a jam of customer's choice if available) and cream in between the layers; or

2) An 8 inch super light Chocolate Sponge cake with milky chocolate (or hazelnut chocolate if available) and cream in between the layers.


Customers wishing to order a bigger cake, please visit "Get a Quote" page or drop us an e-mail at HoneyCakeBakers@gmail.com along with a screenshot of your preferred cake.


When placing an order, please give us at least one week's notice.

  • Cancellation Policy

    Cancellations are permitted subject to 7 days notice.

    Changes to small to medium size cakes are permitted subject to 5 days notice.